Macadamia nuts and lamb

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It’s true that you will find a number of sweet macadamia recipes here on our Waliz blog (not that it’s a bad thing!) but if there’s an easy savoury recipe we’d recommend it’s apple macadamia crusted lamb. It’s a brilliant shared dish for warm afternoons in late spring when your friends are over!

Coupled with a light salad, apple macadamia crusted lamb goes down really well at a BBQ or small social gathering (everyone is getting sick of crackers and dip!).

You can simply cut the rack of lamb into portions and serve. Of course, it’s more than capable of feeding smaller groups if you wanted to do that.

You can get the full recipe over at by visiting this link.

It takes around 20 minutes to prep and it’s a simple case of sticking in the oven for 35 minutes. Easy.

You could even fry up some haloumi as an accompaniment to this. The dish is heavy enough that everyone will be satisfied but not so heavy they’ll leave bloated.

So before you start going crazy with a sweet tooth using macadamia nuts for desserts, try this super quick and easy number.

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