macadamia banana bread

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Banana bread is a very popular morning side treat to a nice cup of tea or coffee. But have you thought about macadamia banana bread? You should.

There’s something about the sweet, delicious crunch of the macadamia nuts in the bread that really works.

It often serves as our Saturday go-to food for when family and friends randomly drop by.

The has an easy to follow and highly addictive recipe you can follow here.

Bananas and macadamias complement each other so well in the flavour department that this recipe doesn’t really need anything else to make it taste good BUT there are a few things you can do if you’d like a flavour boost.

Try toasting it or warming in a sandwich press with butter. So. Good.

Or the if you’re feeling really naughty, the ultimate guilty pleasure is a thick layer of chocolate spread or Nutella over a few pieces when no one’s looking!

Ultimately it doesn’t matter how you have it, macadamia banana bread is some seriously delicious eating.

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