A delicious summertime macadamia recipe

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It’s finally time to dust off the board shorts, thongs and floppy hats in preparation for summer! In just over a month Northern NSW will be a wave of activity for school holidays, days at the beach and family get-togethers. This time of the year also means adjusting what we eat slightly to fit in with the warm temperatures, and in Australia that means seafood!

A delicious recipe you can try over the summer months is BBQ macadamia tuna with pawpaw salsa. It’s fresh, healthy, tasty and made for summer!

You can find the full recipe here.

The key to this dish is in the preparation which takes around 45 minutes. You might want to prepare an hour or two before as cooking only takes ten minutes.

If you don’t like Paw Paw then feel free to use mango instead, in fact this we often prefer to use this instead.

Both Tuna and Macadamias are high in In Omega 3 fatty acids, which help to cholesterol in the arteries and blood vessels. Basically, they’re excellent for your heart and overall wellbeing…good to know when you’re trying stay healthy for the summer.

Make sure you try this one on a balmy evening, it might even become your go-to recipe in the upcoming summer school holidays.

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