The Farm

Harvest season is between February – September with all hands on deck. The farm’s sustainability practices ensure that every part of the nut is used. Husks provide a great source of Nitrogen giving back to the trees. While shells from the cracking process are diverted to the shell burner which dries the nut in shell before processing can occur. While all packaging is carried out on site to help lower our carbon footprint.

Waliz Nuts also prides itself on looking out for the local farming community. We offer industry leading prices, bonuses and a one on one relationship with other farmers so that we can work together on producing the best produce the region has to offer.

We are committed to environmental leadership and practices using clean technology and focusing on sustainable growth. While macadamias are at the heart of our business, we also supply peanuts and cashews to keep up with demand from the domestic and international markets.


While everyone tries to pack more in less time, we need something to tie us over and Waliz Nuts bars are a great snack for busy people on the go. Our Waliz Nuts Macadamia bars consists of 67% Macadamias while most other bars on the market offer a soft chewy texture, our crunch accentuates the flavour. The Waliz Nuts Macadamia Nut Bar range now have a Gluten Free option with all containing the highest percentage of macadamia kernel grown, processed, manufactured in Waliz Nuts HACCP approved premises.

Waliz Nuts produces 350g mixed nut packs at retail and distributor level as well as wholesale bulk pallets and shipping container orders. We also pride ourselves on our range of value-added products, including dark and milk chocolate macadamias and chocolate bars. We pride ourselves on exceeding industry quality standards and are always focused on meeting our customer needs.

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